Betaflight 3.1, MWOSD & TBS Unify Pro VTX SmartAudio for the new CMS.

Here is a video of the CMS in action and its structure. Sorry about the sound. The noises you hear I assume is the data being transferred over the audio channel.

How to get his all working…

Connect the audio pin (white wire) of the TBS Unify Pro to a spare UART TX pin on your FC. TBS Unify Pro manual shows the pin out and can be found here:

Install the latest Betaflight 3.1 or newer via the latest Betaflight Configurator. At the time of writing Betaflight 3.1-RC4 and Betaflight Configurator 2.8.5.
Betaflight release page:

If you are using a MinimOSD you will need to set up Arduino studio to configure and flash MWOSD and may need a FTDI cable if you are running an external MinimOSD like I am.
To do that download the latest beta of MWOSD from and follow the instructions on
Before flashing you will need to change an option in Config.h to enable CANVAS support.
Details of the changes can be found at
Also see the screenshots below.

Set FC

Once you have configured Betaflight like you normally would, navigate to the Ports page and enable TBS SmartAudio in the Peripherals column for the UART port that has the TX pin connected to the audio pin of the Unify.
Leave all other settings off for that UART. In my case its UART3 as shown below.
If using an external MinimOSD make sure that you have enabled MSP on the UART it is connected to which is UART1 on my quad.

Enable SmartAudio

Now if everything is wired and configured correctly you should be ready to power up and try the new Configuration Menu System (CMS).

After a some searching through the Betaflight wiki & thread on RCGroups I had no luck finding out the stick commands to access the CMS. After becoming frustrated at this I decided power up and see if I could work it out by trial and error. First stick commands I tried out turned out to be the right ones.
Those mysterious and seemingly undocumented stick commands are actually the same as you use to get into the MWOSD menu with the only difference being yaw left instead of yaw right.
That makes it:

  • Throttle middle
  • Pitch full forward
  • Yaw left

The standard MWOSD menu is still accessed by:

  • Throttle middle
  • Pitch full forward
  • Yaw right