Liam “Quad_LAGZ” Goodrick

Electronics, It & Multirotor enthusiast. As much as I love flying I seem to spend more time tinkering and pushing the limits of my quadcopter but that’s half the fun though. Often you’ll find my possibly outdated FC being pushed to the limit running the latest daily alpha builds Betaflight to test out new features.

I built a lap timer a while back that works brilliantly considering it cost under $200 to build including the 8 transponders I made. Due to constant tinkering and updating it hasn’t had a lot of use yet.

I love to race with the guys but often get bored after a couple of laps and just end up doing freestyle.

Currently I fly:

  • Alien 5″
  • Motolab Cyclone
  • DYS XS30A with filter cap removed for DSHOT600
  • DYS 2205/2550kv Race Edition
  • TBS Unify PRO Race
  • TBS Triumph
  • more to list