Where to fly

List of places to fly with descriptions, maps & most importantly rules for flying in and around Tauranga coming soon.

Tauranga City Council have given blanket approval for “drone” flying at all of their parks and reserves with the following exceptions, and conditions:

Memorial Park.
Blake Park.
ALL cemeteries.
Arataki sports fields.
Any sports field where an organised sport or training is taking place.

Anyone flying in a TCC park or reserve must adhere to the CAA rules for flying “drones”.  The easiest way to do this is the fly “shielded”, which CAA defines as “an operation of an aircraft within 100m of, and below the top of, a natural or man-made object”.
Be courteous of other park users, who often are there for the quiet enjoyment of the park.
Do not operate within 20m of sensitive wildlife habitats, or, nesting or roosting birds, such as the NZ dotterel.
Do not operate during a fire ban period.
Do not overfly adjoining private property without prior consent from the owner/occupier.
Cease operation if requested by Council staff

Other places:
There are a variety of other places that members of TMR have flown without issue, either from the owner or people at the place. These include:
Tauranga Racecourse.
Bethlehem College.

Here’s a Google Map showing a variety of locations that the lads from TMR, plus others have flown successfully:

Google Map showing places to fly